Technically, You Heard It Here First.

I’m getting married!!!!!

I’m just kidding ~ hehe. No marriage on the horizon for now. But I am taking a next step. I’m bursting with excitement to officially share the news with you all, my peeps, my virtual diary pages.


On February 14, 2021, The Complete Pussiography ~ The Podcast© launches on Spotify, Anchor and Apple! YAAAAY!

Building the brand one brick at a time, it is time dear heart’s. To those of you who have followed my blog since the first paragraph was published a year ago, trust and believe I’m not leaving this platform. It’s just time to see what happens next.

This podcast is deeper than pussy, in way that I can’t grow on a keyboard. Featuring guest host on most episodes, they’ll join me for conversations about sexuality, life rearranges, game changers, relationships and so much more. We’ll get candid and waist deep into discussions about mental health and life experiences, we are going in.

I hope you’ll join me. Also, there are several of my followers whose perspectives I’d love to hear through my speaker so I hope you accept my invite to guest host, while sharing your projects as well. Seeds cannot grow without sunlight and water; while the blog has been the water for me, the podcast is going to be the sunlight for others.

So if you don’t have a steamy date night planned, join me Valentine’s Day along with my first guest, Shanae Watkins.

The CEO of an amazing line of adult toys, PUSSI PLEASUREZ and the co-host of the naked podcast, Tits and Tea, I met Shanae on Netflix as a 12-year old teenage girl growing up in a hurricane of circumstance and tough decisions in the juvenile justice system. On the first episode, we’ll be getting down to the nitty gritty about Life-changers. The people, places and experiences that have changed us for the good, the bad and the ugly.

@@shanaetamika @pussi.pleasurez @tits_andtea ~IG

So much more to come, the brand is bubbling!


We’ve only just begun. Hello, 2021