(Written in the key of Newport cigarettes and brown hair gel.)

I’m kinda ok with never hearing from you again.

Actually, I think I’d prefer it that way.

Man, your hooks are all up in me.

I mean, all. Up. in me.

But you’re not into me.

Craving me like my mouth waters for you,

Needing me, like my thighs need your blues.

I need you.

But all I got is some good dick and

Nothing but memories with you.

What gave you the right to pause my evolution?

Don’t answer that,

I already know that I fucked up the revolution

I can’t have you in my heart,

finger-fucking my head,

When just my laptop, blunt wrappers and

potato chip crumbs occupy the other side

Of my bed

It’s cool, don’t sweat it, this is not me forcing your hand

This is me saying that I’ve made every part of this easy,

For 365 days times two, I was so fucking good to you

The parts of me I shared, who in their right mind would not let their guard down to love me?

I made every part of this easy, by easily giving you every part of me.

In return, multiply, simplify, carry the one,

Add and subtract it in your head, do whatever it is that you need to do

To convince yourself that you are ok with losing all this fucking love that I gave to you

Radiant, funktified, sticky, oozing passionate love, peace and high vibes and all

I knew your name and your sign nigga, like I know mine.

I knew you because I swallowed you whole,

Airy gulps, like butterflies in my soul, I danced in your spirit, felt pain disappear into to calm

Saw your heart open and reassured you that you were safe in my arms.

But for whatever reasons that may be

You won’t allow yourself to love me

So I’m making the choice for you, because

Either way, I’m at peace

Get these things that you left with me, collect your drive-by dick downs, your late night lick downs and your days of making me look like a fucking clown.

I’m outta here dude, taking all that I brought with me.

My shit is still in tact, heart still thumpin,

Still strutting in dignity

You almost had me gone, I felt that shit bubbling down in my core where no one could see

It’s your loss, your hands were full but

instead of balance you lead with deceit

Because your black ass is greedy.

There’s a saying that goes, should you ever have to choose, make sure you don’t choose me.

Nigga, I’m Audi. 😂😂💪🏾

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